Canadian Natural Gas

Natural gas is an important part of Canada's energy mix

Canada is the world’s fifth-largest natural gas producer and natural gas meets 30 per cent of the country’s entire energy needs. Canada’s natural gas is affordable, abundant, versatile, and is the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon. 

Developing Canada’s natural gas resource is an important part of the Canadian economy. In addition to providing thousands of direct and indirect jobs across Canada, the natural gas industry contributes significant revenue to provincial and federal governments through royalties and taxes that help pay for health care, education and other social programs across the country.

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Canada's Natural Gas

As the voice of Canada’s upstream natural gas industry, we know that Canadians want to have a balanced discussion about energy, the economy and the environment. The Facts on Natural Gas book provides quick, easy to find facts on natural gas to help you participate in the discussion.

Guiding Principles for Hydraulic Fracturing

Canada’s natural gas industry supports a responsible approach to hydraulic fracturing and water management and abides by all regulations governing hydraulic fracturing operations.

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