Environmental Action

Canadians expect that industry will act responsibly and we are committed to meeting those expectations.

As long as we are using natural gas to power our lives and improve the quality of life, we must develop it in a way that benefits us economically and is environmentally responsible.

Innovation is about bringing together new ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of technology or process; resulting in a positive impact to society.  Canadians have a long and successful track record in applying innovation to address energy, the environment and natural gas production.

Each day, we take action to manage our impact on the environment. We do this by:

  • Adhering to all relevant provincial and federal regulations
  • Following industry best practices
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities to improve environmental performance
  • Demonstrating progress towards performance improvement
  • Investing in technology and innovation



How industry is reducing impacts

Read more about how Canada’s natural gas industry is taking action on reducing impacts on the: