Canada’s oil and natural gas industry is committed to land reclamation and effective land management.

Natural gas exploration and production does have an impact on the land. Canada’s natural gas industry minimizes impacts by avoiding sensitive habitat, using narrow seismic lines, low-impact pipeline methods and other measures. Effective land management regulations ensure that the land is returned to an acceptable state once operations have reached the end of their producing life.

Innovative alternatives to accelerate reclamation

Companies conduct a myriad of research programs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their reclamation. For example, Canadian Natural Resources Limited (Canadian Natural) is examining improved methods of soil salvage to retain the valuable characteristics of soil nutrients and structures, as well as seed and root stocks for revegetation.

Encana is collaborating with several First Nations in B.C. to select the best native plant species for revegetation, and their wetland reclamation project near Nordegg, Alberta now supports moose, elk, black and grizzly bears, wolves, deer and a number of waterfowl species.

CNRL Reclamation research