Canada’s oil and natural gas industry is committed to land reclamation.

Natural gas exploration and production does have an impact on the land. Effective land management regulations ensure that the land is returned to an acceptable state once operations have reached the end of their producing life.

Innovative alternatives to accelerate reclamation

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (Canadian Natural) is participating in research and technology programs to learn more about diverse eco-regions and how to best manage each area.

CNRL Reclamation research

In 2014 and 2015, Canadian Natural invested in research to evaluate innovative alternatives that will accelerate reclamation timelines in native prairie ecosystems. One project consisted of planting native seedling plugs in a group of well sites being reclaimed in southeast Alberta. A lightweight, reusable panel system was used to protect the seedlings from grazing wildlife while still allowing for normal grazing to continue on the rest of the site. At Canadian Natural’s Horizon Oil Sands operation, reclamation research and monitoring takes place on an ongoing basis to investigate the ecological performance of reclaimed areas and to determine best practices to continue to reclaim areas more efficiently.