Regulation is a key part of responsible natural gas development.

Sage grouse

Producers improve upon a variety of approaches to protect wildlife

Energy regulators in British Columbia (Oil and Gas Commission – OGC) and Alberta (Energy Regulator – AER) ensure the safe, efficient, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of natural gas. This includes stewardship in maintaining the health and well-being of ecosystems where natural gas exploration and development is taking place.  

For example, natural gas operators in British Columbia are guided by the OGC’s Environmental Protection and Management Guideline which provides guidance and clarity on the regulatory requirements for environment and wildlife, and habitat protection.

The OGC also outlines preventative measures to protect birds and wildlife from coming into contact with fluids stored in open ponds or tanks which is guided by the provincial Wildlife Act and federal Migratory Bird Convention Act.  

Some species of wildlife, such as the Boreal caribou, are protected by the Government of Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA).