Keeping Canadians warm at an affordable price.


Keeping Canadians warm at an affordable price

In Canada, natural gas is the single-largest form of energy used in Canadian homes. More than six million homeowners use natural gas to heat their homes and their water (Source: CIEEDAC & Natural Resources Canada, CGA).

For consumers, any reduction in energy costs while enjoying the same or improved level of service is a significant benefit. It means money saved for families in their homes (heating, cooking food, and fueling vehicles) and for businesses to become more competitive and expand. In Canadian homes, natural gas helps deliver significant savings per household when it is chosen over other energy options (electricity, propane and heating oil) for space and water heating. In fact, homeowners who energize their homes with natural gas can save over $2,000 per year on their energy bills (Source: CGA 2016).

Natural gas provided for over 32 per cent of energy demand in Canada in 2015, second only to motor vehicle fuels (38 per cent) and significantly more than electricity (21 per cent). Considering that natural gas absorbs just nine per cent of the total energy spending budget of Canadians, its value to Canadians and the economy is significant (Source: Statistics Canada).

Natural gas is a vital source of energy for Canada and is an important, affordable part of Canada’s energy mix.