Community Neighbours

Industry works hard to reduce the impact of daily operations on communities

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To help ensure sustainable development, minimize disturbance and be a good neighbour, our industry recognizes courteous conduct and respect is a prerequisite for operating in communities. In addition to following all regulations, many natural gas producers and other industry associations have programs in place that focus on being a good community neighbour.  

Community Partners

The Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC), whose members provide key services to the natural gas industry, developed a ‘Community Partners’ program. This industry-wide program focuses on local concerns related to oil and natural gas development such as dust, garbage, and noise. ‘Community Partners’ provides simple guidelines for behaviour that make it easy for contractors and employees to follow a standard set of guiding principles.   

The guiding principles articulate the courteous behaviours expected of service company employees and contractors in the areas of: 
  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Roads and driving safely
  • Gates 
  • Garbage
  • Communication