Indigenous Affairs

Canada’s natural gas producers seek ways to work with Indigenous communities.

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As Canada’s natural gas industry enters new areas for development, many of these areas are located on or near traditional lands and Indigenous communities.

Natural gas producers work with Indigenous communities to develop long-term relationships that help achieve mutual success. These efforts are guided by the following principles:

1. Respectful Relationships: 

We recognize and respect the existing treaty rights of the Indigenous peoples of Canada and seek respectful and mutually beneficial relationships.

2. Respecting Unique Cultures and Traditions: 

We work collaboratively with Indigenous communities to respect their unique cultures and traditional knowledge.

3. Respect for the Environment: 

Throughout the full life cycle of our projects we respect the environment and acknowledge the unique connection Indigenous peoples have to the land and the environment.

4. Sustainable Benefits: 

We provide opportunities and benefits for Indigenous communities in a sustainable manner that supports our mutual prosperity. 

Consultation plays an important role in resource development and depending on the scope of work, this consultation may occur throughout the life of the project from initial project planning through to final reclamation.  

Improved communication can help both companies and communities by identifying communities’ interests, concerns and priorities and improving the environmental and social performance of a development project. It can also result in mutually beneficial business opportunities for local service providers, employment opportunities, funding for community initiatives, and industry agreements to avoid culturally or ecologically significant areas.

Opportunities for Indigenous communities

Strong relationships with Indigenous communities have created mutually beneficial employment and business opportunities. Supporting businesses creates shared benefits and ensures that Canada’s natural gas industry has the goods and services needed to support projects and ongoing operations. Many of Canada’s natural gas producers work with First Nations on a variety of environmental initiatives as well as delivering education programs that focus on leadership training, skills development and post-secondary education.  

Success story – LNG partners with B.C.’s First Nations

The proposed Kitimat LNG Project is a joint venture between Chevron Canada and Woodside Energy International (Woodside). It is being developed in partnership with First Nations to ensure they are active participants in the project and will benefit from the development of B.C.’s significant natural gas resources. 

Kitimat LNG has established benefits agreements with the Haisla Nation for the Kitimat LNG Plant site at Bish Cove near Kitimat B.C., and with all 16 First Nation bands along the proposed natural gas Pacific Trail Pipeline route through the First Nations Limited Partnership. These agreements provide First Nations with skills training, jobs, and contracts for the provision of supplies and services, environmental protection measures, as well as financial benefits throughout the lifetime of the Kitimat LNG Project.