Natural Gas Use

Natural gas is the single-largest form of energy used in Canadian homes

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Natural gas is an important part of Canada’s energy mix and is the single-largest form of energy used in Canadian homes. Over six million Canadians use natural gas to light, heat and cool their houses, heat their water, and cook their food. Natural gas is increasingly used in energy-efficient furnaces and appliances such as dryers. Today, natural gas meets 30 per cent of Canada’s energy needs.  

Natural gas currently provides thirteen per cent of Canada’s electricity generation, and because it can be delivered quickly and affordably, it is an excellent partner for intermittent renewable power sources such as wind and solar.

Heavy-duty fleet owners are switching to natural gas to fuel their trucks and buses to reduce fuel costs and to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions - by 17 to 19 per cent. (Source: Go With Natural Gas – a Canadian collaborative industry-government)

Natural gas is used extensively in the industrial sector both as a heat source and as a feedstock for a number of industrial processes in the petrochemical industry.

Key facts about using natural gas in Canada

  • 91% of Canadas’s natural gas customers in 2015 were residential. (Source: Statistics Canada and Canadian Gas Association)
  • In 2014, 452,787 kilometres of pipeline delivered natural gas to customers in Canada. (Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Gas Association)
  • The average yearly amount Canadian residential customers spent on natural gas in 2014 was $1,039. (Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Gas Association)