Learn more about natural gas topics.


Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is a government-regulated technology.

Indigenous Affairs

Building long-term relationships with Aboriginal people and First Nations communities is a priority for Canada’s natural gas industry.

Induced Seismicity

Seismic activity is rarely felt on the surface and usually occurs near where the rock is being fractured, or 2,000 to 3,000 metres below ground.


Innovation is key to improved environmental performance.

Investing in Communities

Industry supports local programs that help build strong, vibrant and healthy communities.

Liquefied Natural Gas

An emerging LNG industry offers an opportunity to bring economic benefits to Canadians.

Market Access

Traditional markets for western Canadian natural gas are changing.

Natural Gas Use

Natural gas is the single-largest form of energy used in Canadian homes.

Our Energy Future

Canada can provide an abundance of safe and secure energy for decades to come.


Today, Canada has limited pipeline infrastructure to move oil and natural gas across the country and into the United States.


Industry is advancing a safety culture based on a strong foundation of leadership and continuous improvement.