Natural Gas Potential

Canada's Resource

The safe and responsible development of natural gas benefits the environment and the economy. Given current domestic consumption, Canada has more than enough natural gas for at least 300 years. With advances in recovery technology, potential supplies of natural gas have grown dramatically. (Source: Statistics Canada, 2015)

Canada is the world's fifth-largest producer of natural gas

At current consumption levels Canada's resource can provide                           natural gas to consumers for the

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SOURCE: ARC Financial and CAPP

Appliances, vehicles and power plants using natural gas are highly efficient. This high efficiency makes it a cleaner energy option than other fossil fuels. In fact, natural gas emits 50 per cent fewer greenhouse gases than coal when used for electrical generation.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecast global demand for energy is expected to increase 27 per cent by 2040 as economies in both developed and emerging countries continue to grow and standards of living improve. Natural gas will be an important part of that growth and is expected to increase 45 per cent by 2040. The IEA 2017 Energy World Outlook article in Context outlines other key findings of the forecast.

Canada's natural gas is widely available and affordable

CNG is Widely Available and Affordable

Source: ARC Energy and CAPP, 2016